Friday Favorites & Weekly Workouts

Good morning and happy Friday!

yesss it's friday

I’m feeling happy, productive and ready to enjoy a weekend full of relaxation, spring cleaning (woohoo!), lots of sunshine and maybe even a bike ride. Hallelujah! This will be my motto for the weekend and I hope you do the same!

wake up and be awesome

Well, since today is my very first Friday post, I wanted to join some of my favorite bloggers who link up their favorite finds every Friday. Also, I haven’t actually posted any of my workouts so I thought it would be fun to tell you what I completed this week. Hope you enjoy!

Friday Favorites

Plan International USA launched their Youth Advocacy Tool Kit this week! This tool kit provides youth with the resources they need to advocate for their right to an education. Since I’ve been conducting my graduate research with Plan in the area of educating girls, it was so great to see the positive responses filtering through Twitter the last few days. If you’d like to learn more about the TookKit follow the link or head over to the Because I am a Girl website to join the movement today!

Megan, behind the blog Shaping up to be a mom, posted this great list of Blogger Networks and Media CompaniesAs a new blogger, this is such a helpful resource as I start to learn more about sponsored post opportunities and social media campaigns to promote my blog and meet other fellow bloggers (both experienced and up-and-coming!). Thank you Megan!

PBFingers: Julie at PBFingers is one of the first blogs I ever read! I’ve been reading her blog ever since and love following her journey of healthy living, life as a personal trainer and more! Thank you to Julie for opening my eyes to the world of blogging and inspiring me to start my own.

A WHOLE roasted cauliflower??? I’m tempted to try this right now…

And I’ll definitely try these frozen banana, peanut butter, CHOCOLATE bites for dessert!

Old Navy 1/4 Zip on Sale: The other day when I stopped by Target, it was conveniently located by an Old Navy store that just-so-happened to have sent me a 20% off coupon that morning. I figured I would check it out and take a look at their sale items (I love their athletic gear). Well, Old Navy, you pulled through! I bought this grey (with thin white stripes) 1/4 zip for $16 plus 20% off! Online it’s $18, but they have a ton on the sale rack right now. It’s perfect for spring weather runs because of the light and airy feel AND there’s thumb holes!

Weekly Workouts

Between studying, school projects, teaching, grading, work and making time to eat, it’s so important to incorporate time for exercise. Running and working up a sweat allows me to stop what I’m doing for an hour or so and let my mind wander. It’s a great time to reflect and take a step back from my usual every day activities and to-do lists. I love to workout in the morning whenever I can, but do what’s convenient and comfortable for YOU!

Monday: Early morning 5 mile run, abs, foam roll

Tuesday: Late afternoon 3 mile run, squats and lunges circuit, abs, stretch

Wednesday: Early morning 5 mile run, abs, stretch

Thursday: Rest (At school all day)

Friday: Early morning 5 mile run, and this 15-minute Tone It Up Love your Body Yoga session (so great after a run)

Saturday: I’m planning to get in a full body strength training workout with Frank at the gym!

Ab workout

This week I stuck to the same ab routine so here it is if you’d like to try it out! Repeat the following circuit 2x through:

  • 60 second plank
  • 30 second side plank each side (10 second hold, 10 second hip drop, 10 second reach)
  • 75 Alternating crunches (Elbow to knee)
  • 60 Seated Crunchy Frogs (When we used to do the Tony Horton P90X ab ripper workout, Crunchy Frogs were a favorite of mine. Click the link for a video; at about a minute you’ll see a Crunchy Frog demo)
  • 30 oblique sit-ups each side
  • 100 Russian twists with 10lb. weight

Have a great weekend everyone!


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites & Weekly Workouts

  1. Your blog sounds interesting and inspiring .. hope to see more. Thank you for sharing and best wishes always … 🙂

    • Thank you Gede! I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and comment! I will definitely keep these posts going and look forward to your feedback!

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