Easter Sunday Funday Work Out

As you know, my boyfriend Frank is a personal trainer and will be posting great workouts for you to try! Well, he’s here today to give you a great pre-Easter feast workout. Enjoy!

It’s spring time; the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and it’s time to get outside and enjoy the weather! With spring comes Easter and with Easter comes copious amounts of candy, candy eggs, candied ham, and of course alcohol. To make sure your indulgence is a little more guilt-free, I have put together the perfect high intensity interval training (HIIT) circuit to combat those extra calories. It’s heavy on the cardio and legs to ensure a solid calorie burn with some upper body sprinkled in to show off your “guns” to the family. All you need is YOU and a bottle of water. Now let’s head outside and sweat it out before we munch it all in.

Warm Up

Jumping jacks 30 sec

Squat rotations 30 sec

Lunge and twist 30 sec

Lateral lunges 30 sec

Dynamic Stretching (6 of each)

High kicks

Warrior lunges

Inverted Hamstring

Quad grabs

Diagonal lunge

The Work Out (3 rounds with 2 min rest in between each round)

Split Jumps 30 sec

Full Sit Up Squats 30 sec

T Push Ups 30 sec

Jumping jacks 1 min

Back Lunge High Knee 30 sec each

Prone T’s 30 sec

Plank to Full Plank 30 sec

Side Plank Hip Drops 30 sec each

Sprints (4x 50 yards or hill)

Side note: If it’s raining or you have no place to sprint than substitute the sprints for mountain climbers or burpees

Photo and video demonstrations:

Warrior lunges

warrior lunge

Inverted Hamstring


Split Jumps

Full Sit Up Squats

T Push Ups

Back Lunge High Knee


Prone T’s

Plank to Full Plank

plank to full

Side Plank Hip Drops


Have a great workout and Happy Easter!





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