Boston Strong

This weekend was a whirlwind and truly memorable! With that said, today’s post is all about our trip to the Boston Marathon.

Yesterday was an inspiring day. My parents, Frank and I attended the Boston marathon to support my Auntie Lisa, who as I mentioned, ran in her 5th Boston Marathon! She is an amazing woman and accomplished a truly amazing feat.

Our morning started bright and early with a wake up call at 6:20am and departure by 7:30am. Frank and I decided to surprise my parents with a pre-ordered breakfast at Corner Bakery Cafe. If you haven’t been, this is a MUST try. We ordered from their delicious breakfast menu which offers a variety of scrambler platters and sandwiches. My mom and I had the Avocado and Spinach Power Panini Thin and my dad and Frank enjoyed the Anaheim Panini Scrambled Egg Sandwich. Along side our sandwiches, we had a side of fresh fruit, fresh muffins and a coffee from Starbucks! We were good to go!

Following a hearty breakfast,we headed into Braintree where we took the T to Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall. Last year, we took the same route and it worked out well before heading over to the marathon. We strolled around Quincy Market and checked out the kiosks in Faneuil Hall. The area is quite historic and there were plenty of shops to check out and food venues to explore.

quincy market

fanueil hall

We started to get pretty hungry around noon, so we headed over to a highly recommended seafood spot called The Salted Dog. The weather was gorgeous so a seat outside was perfectly welcomed. Whenever my parents come to visit, they try to enjoy as much seafood as possible; nothing like fresh New England seafood! We ordered a shrimp cocktail and oyster platter to start. Frank and my dad had the oysters while mom and I shared delicious jumbo shrimp.

shrimp and oysters

mom and dad

frank and i at salted dog

Before our main meals we had mugs of clam chowder which were honestly larger than a regular bowl! I was stuffed at this point, but I couldn’t help but chow down my next course; a crab cake sandwich! They served the crab cake on a bun with lettuce, tomato and a delicious remoulade sauce; a tad spicy and perfectly tangy. I had a side of steamed veggies oh, and let’s not forget a couple of vodka soda and cran cocktails! Lunch was delicious and we were ready for a long walk by the time the bill came around.

crab cake

Following lunch, we headed over to Boylston. It was a half an hour away from the finish line, but we wanted to walk around the city since it’s something we don’t often get to do. Streets were much more crowded than last year and our walk through Boston Commons was amazing. Runners everywhere! Most of the elite runners were tending to their bags and reuniting with their families; it was fun saying congratulations to a few of them, too!

state house



The one thing that was really disappointing was the amount of streets that were blocked off by the time we arrived. We ended up walking in circles trying to get to Boylston to cheer for the runners and Auntie Lisa, but unfortunately there was no way we could get to the area she expected to see us. Most of the crowds we walked with were in the exact same boat, and even though this was the case, people still cheered and supported strangers and loved ones that took part in this once in a lifetime event. After walking around for almost 2 hours and squeezing through crowds upon crowds of people, we felt it would be best to grab a seat inside a restaurant and watch some of the race from the television. If we could do it all over, we would have gone straight to the race in the morning because we heard that they started blocking off the streets at 10am. My cousins were able to get through and stayed in the same spot from 9am until Auntie Lisa finished in the mid-afternoon hours. They snapped some photos and we were fortunate enough to meet her at the family reunion area. Watching her hug my Uncle Daril, her kids and my mom was just the sweetest thing. She knew we were there, even if we didn’t get to see her during the home stretch of the race, and it was a truly special moment.

Screen shot 2014-04-22 at 8.58.39 AM

After reuniting with Auntie Lisa and our family, we headed over to North Boston and enjoyed a delicious and of course, carb-filled meal at Mother Anna’s, an Italian restaurant my mom’s co-worker recommended. Mother Anna’s sure did pull through and we had a delicious meal to cap off the day. I enjoyed the Gnocchi Juliana, which was a potato-pasta dish with marsala sauce and fresh scallops, shrimp and lobster. Indulgence at its finest and I loved every bite! Actually I enjoyed it so much that I forgot to take a picture!

Following dinner, we said our goodbyes and congratulated Auntie Lisa once again for her amazing accomplishment. Two subway rides and a car ride later, we were back in Rhode Island, ready for bed by 10pm. A long, beautiful day had come to an end but it was so amazing to witness such a momentous event. Boston really is strong and the love and support that I witnessed yesterday was a truly wonderful thing.

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