Quick & Easy Camping Chili

Hello, friends! We’ve made it to Thursday and we finally awoke to some sunshine this morning. I’d say that’s a pretty good start to our day considering the cold, grey, rainy skies we’ve had all week. As you know, we’re off camping this weekend in Saratoga Springs (woohoo!). Last night I did some groceries and […]

Japanese Restaurant Review & Waterfire

After a wonderful long weekend, we’re back at it! For those of you who enjoyed Memorial Day weekend, I hope it was great! We had a fun weekend filled with good friends, good food and a date night in Providence! Here’s a recap of dinner Saturday evening and Waterfire that followed. Japanese Dinner for Two On Saturday […]

Friday Favorites

It’s time for another round of Friday Favorites and a 1/2 marathon training update! This week just flew by and I’m ready for a fun and productive Memorial Day weekend. For those of you traveling this weekend, please drive/fly/ferry/walk (?) safe and enjoy your time wherever you go! Cheers to a fun holiday and the unofficial […]

The Beautiful Martha’s Vineyard

As you know, we spent the weekend on Martha’s Vineyard for Frank’s good friend and client, Casey’s, wedding. I can’t thank her and her husband Nic enough for inviting us to their beautiful marriage celebration. They are an amazing couple and we are so happy for them! Congratulations to Casey and Nic!!! The people we met were […]

Beets & Oatmeal?

Hellooooo Friday! I’m so excited to ferry-off to Martha’s Vineyard this afternoon and enjoy a relaxing and fun wedding weekend. After a week of relaxation and organization, I’ll also be ready to start up my summertime work on Monday, lots going on and I’m ready to conquer it all! This morning started off with a […]

Daily Eats #3 {+ a recipe}

Good morning! A bright and early one for me as Frank was out the door by 5:20am and I couldn’t sleep! I try and take advantage of the days I don’t need my alarm–they’re a dime a dozen! Here’s another rundown of my daily eats from yesterday: Breakfast The obsession continues. Scrambled eggs, with spinach this […]