Friday Favorites

Another week, another happy Friday!

happy friday

This week marked the last week of classes for the spring semester and 2013-2014 school year! Time continues to fly by and I’ll be passing in a research paper on Monday, proctoring two exams throughout the week and handing in a few final assignments on Friday. Good luck to all soon-to-be graduates and students who will be conquering exam week starting today; let the home stretch begin! (Found these via Pinterest and couldn’t help but include both. You know how much I love LOTR!)

exams exams2

Alright, let’s get to our Friday Favorites from this week. I have a couple of videos for ya and a GREAT workout courtesy of my man and fiancé, FRANK!

Favorite Laugh: The ultimate Lip Sync Battle–Jimmy Fallon vs. Emma Stone. This is a must-see.

Favorite Inspiration: I cried when I watched this commercial–it’s inspiring, moving and heart-warming.

Favorite Purchase: My new Asics Gel Nimbus 16’s! This sounds like a Harry Potter broomstick promo (and to be honest with you, I wish it was), but really they’re my go-to running shoe. Fresh running shoes are the best!

harry potter nimbus 2000


Favorite Must-try Recipe: I love a good nacho plate but never make them at home. Ok, maybe once in the last few years…it was a late night (ahem 11:30pm), we were hungry, so we drove to the store, bought the ingredients and made delicious BBQ chicken nachos. This night is the one exception. But really, I don’t usually make them at home and they’re not the healthiest (not at all, actually) option when you’re out at a restaurant or sports pub. This recipe however, I stumbled upon when going through my daily blog feed (via Oh My Veggies) and it’s been stuck in my mind all week! They err on the healthier side of the nacho scale, which makes them even more intriguing. Thai. Sweet. Potato. Nachos. BOOM. I will try this one day and I’m pretty sure I’ll love them forever.

thai sweet potato nachos

Favorite Workout: Frank’s back with another workout! I tried this one on Wednesday morning and my entire body is still feeling the burn. Complete three rounds of Frank’s Rainy Day Circuit (It was pouring rain all day Wednesday) and if you’re feeling crazy…as I was at the time…try the bonus round (I only completed one bonus round since my arms were about to fall off, but feel free to go through it twice).

*You’ll need a dumbbell for this workout (mine was 10lbs) and I used a 20lb plate for the goblet squats (a medicine ball could work too or just use the dumbbell)

*If you do the bonus round you’ll need a resistance band

Frank's rainy day workout

Bonus circuit

Some video and photo demo’s

Rainy Day Workout


  • I’s, T’s, Y’s, L Press (Do these laying face down on the ground without the stability ball)

I's T's Y's


  • Kickbacks

dumbell kickback

  • Tricep extension overhead



resistance band tricep pulls

  • Running curls: These are similar to the “Curls” demo, but you’ll alternate arms at a faster pace, as if you’re running!
  • Pull the sword

pull the sword

That wraps up this week’s Friday Favorites! Have a great weekend 🙂


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