The Beautiful Martha’s Vineyard

As you know, we spent the weekend on Martha’s Vineyard for Frank’s good friend and client, Casey’s, wedding. I can’t thank her and her husband Nic enough for inviting us to their beautiful marriage celebration. They are an amazing couple and we are so happy for them! Congratulations to Casey and Nic!!!

The people we met were some of the nicest people we’ve ever come across and one family in particular, who let us stay in their guest house, was so welcoming to us and it really felt like we have known them forever. Thank you to Mimi, Mark and Ben (and Bodhie, your adorable dog, too!) for letting us stay at your humble abode and for showing us around the island!

I wanted to give you a photo rundown of our amazing weekend, though photo’s really don’t do the place justice! As a quick FYI, there are a few gaps where we didn’t take any pictures.

On Friday, we spent some time in Woods Hole, MA where the ferry departed around 6pm. We missed the original 5pm ferry so we walked over to Landfall restaurant right by the water to enjoy a cold drink, a sweet bon fire on their deck and some beautiful scenery.

IMG_6004 IMG_6001 IMG_5997

Once we hopped on the ferry, it was a quick 45 minute ride over to the island. This was honestly one of the nicest ferry rides we’ve ever had! It was like a huge and comfortable living room/restaurant; lots of lounge areas, booths and plenty of space.


Standing in the back of the ferry…cold and windy!


Upon our arrival, we hopped in a cab and made our way over to beautiful Chilmark, a small town community among the hills of Martha’s Vineyard. We got to our final destination, unpacked and headed out for a fun night of food, drinks and dancing. The food was amazing; end of story. One of the family’s hosted a dinner (which we were very late to), but they were so welcoming and gracious, urging Frank and I to grab a plate and some drinks! Swordfish, perfectly cooked beef tednerloin, horseradish sauce, kale salad, amazing bread; we had it all! Following the pre-dinner party, we headed over to the local community center where Casey and Nic hosted a welcome night. Open bar, dancing, beer pong, corn hole, AND fresh grilled pizza and brownies. It’s safe to say Frank and I never wanted to leave within our first hour of being on the island.


Nic & Casey dancing and singing! Such a beautiful couple.

On Saturday, we took a stroll to the local beach with Mimi, Mark and their dog. Though it downpoured in the morning, the clouds lifted and the day couldn’t have been more beautiful! We even saw a natural foam pit, which I didn’t know existed! After a beautiful walk and after learning a lot about the island from our amazing hosts, we headed back to the house for lunch and some reading on their back porch. The sun was so hot and we wanted to get as much Vitamin D as possible.

IMG_6041 IMG_6048 IMG_6227 IMG_6049 IMG_6056

IMG_6058 IMG_6060

Then came the fun part…it was time to get ready and head over to the wedding. The wedding ceremony was at 3pm and took place at Casey’s grandparents house. They set up a beautiful and enormous tent in their back yard, which was filled with beautiful wooden benches and chairs, and gorgeous flower pot arrangements. They even had a champagne bar! The ceremony was so well done and a truly special moment for Casey and Nic, we are so lucky that we were there and got to share in this momentous occasion.



The ceremony concluded and we all hopped into these awesome old school baby blue Vineyard buses which shuttled us over to the venue, The Beach Plum Inn. A beautiful, rustic, elegant, enchanting venue for an unforgettable wedding reception. We were literally in awe the entire time we were there! Not only was the venue beautiful, with an indoor restaurant area that had a very home and comforting feel, but the outdoor area, with big stone steps, beautiful landscaping and a view of the most perfect sunset was just gorgeous. It was the most picturesque scene and the weather was perfect; sunshine, bright blue skies with the slightest breeze to keep us feeling just right.

IMG_6071 IMG_6081

They had a big tent set up outside with a dance floor, stage for the awesome band, open bar area, grilling station, hors d’oeuvre station, desert table, shucking table (the oysters were HUGE), and more. Among some of our favorite dishes were grilled lamb chops, fresh made sausage, lobster crostini, smoked fish, and the most delicious tuna sashimi with rock salt and spanish olive oil…um…yeah, I’m sorry for making you drool.

IMG_6229 IMG_6079 IMG_6084 IMG_6085 IMG_6088

Dinner was also fantastic. All farm-to-table by one of the most famous chef’s on the island. He specializes in the most fresh and organic food you can eat. The menu was put together by the chef, the day of the wedding, depending on the most fresh produce he could find that day. How cool is that? On the menu were delicious greens, braised chicken and asparagus, and pork, roasted red potatoes and salsa verde. So fresh, so good and the perfect amount of food served family style.

IMG_6106 IMG_6113 IMG_6110 IMG_6114

Following dinner we enjoyed a beautiful sunset and danced the night away!

IMG_6212 IMG_6153IMG_6133


IMG_6225 IMG_6150

O…and I almost forgot to mention the late night GRILLED CHEESE! I needn’t say more.

Last but not least, when we awoke in the morning we headed over to an amazing brunch hosted by Nic’s step father. Bagels, smoked salmon, capers, red onion, tomatoes, fresh waffles and whipped cream, fruit salad, coffee cake, muffins, a mimosa/bloody mary bar (we steered clear of this one haha), coffee, tea, water, juice and more. DID I TELL YOU THIS WAS THE BEST WEEKEND EVER?!?!?!

We headed back to Vineyard Haven where the ferry was taking off and took a nice stroll through town before our departure. We obviously bought tourist t-shirts and grabbed some fish sandwiches to cap off the most beautiful weekend. After a quick relaxing lounge by the beach, we watched the ferry come in and we hopped on to head back home.

IMG_6172 IMG_6173 IMG_6182 IMG_6199 IMG_6204

Thank you, Casey and Nic, for the most wonderful weekend. We had an amazing time and are so appreciative and thankful that we got to enjoy in your special day with you. Cheers to a beautiful marriage and a life full of love and happiness! Also a big thanks to both of your families, Mark, Mimi and Ben and the entire Abel’s Hill community; you sure made us feel welcome and a part of your family.Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

IMG_6027 IMG_6029 IMG_6224


See ya later Martha’s Vineyard, until next time…


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