Friday Favorites

Happy Friday to all of the wonderful people in my life. A quick Friday Favorites to recap some of the highlights I’ve stumbled across this week. Enjoy and have a SPLENDID weekend! Favorite Fans: The Japanese fans at the World Cup Favorite Inspiration: This video reminds us to be creative and live life to the fullest. […]

Fin Izakaya {Restaurant Review: Oakville, ON, CANADA}

As you know, we just spent a wonderful weekend in my hometown just outside of Toronto. We also managed to spend an amazing night out on Saturday with my friends from elementary/middle/high school at my brother’s apartment in the city. It was such a fun night filled with lots of laughs, champagne, cupcakes and country singing […]

3-Bean Salad

Another beautiful day here in the Ocean State! Summer is in full swing, though I do feel like the heat hasn’t quite hit us. With that said, I’m okay with it! Running in the hot and humid heat is probably one of my least favorite things in this world, so I’ll take the cool breeze […]

Japanese Home Cooking

Good morning and happy Monday! I’m back from a wonderful and quick weekend home to Canada. I hadn’t been home since the holidays, so this was a well overdue and much needed weekend full of family, friends and great times. It’s always so refreshing to catch up with those who I don’t get to see […]

Stuffed Chicken Recipe

Chicken is a great weeknight meal as it’s lean and it’s versatile, two things I love about this protein. With that said, I find that it can get a little boring. During a short weeknight, it’s typical to make the easy, everyday staple because it’s a fast fix. While seasoning and baking a skinless boneless chicken breast is a […]

Corner Bakery Cafe {Review}

If you live in Rhode Island, then you hopefully know about the two Corner Bakery Cafe locations in this beautiful ocean state. While the Corner Bakery Cafe headquarters are in Texas, this gem of a bakery/restaurant is located across the United States. I’m sorry to my Canadian readers–guess you’ll just have to come visit and check […]

Friday Favorites {on Friday the 13th!}

Happy Friday the 13th! Not only is this a spooky day in and of itself, but there was a full moon last night, which hasn’t coincided with a Friday the 13th since the year 2000. The next time it happens won’t be until 2049! Spoookyyyyyy. Fun fact: Friggatriskaidekaphobia is the scientific name for those with a phobia […]

Healthy Comfort Food

One of my favorite comfort foods is without a doubt, pasta. Add some perfectly cooked penne noodles to a thick meaty sauce or a creamy pink vodka sauce, cover it with cheese…bada-bing bada-boom! It sounds amazing and will definitely taste amazing too. Now I’m hungry… Well, though it’s delicious and comforting during those first few bites, this type […]