Friday Favorites {on Friday the 13th!}

Happy Friday the 13th! Not only is this a spooky day in and of itself, but there was a full moon last night, which hasn’t coincided with a Friday the 13th since the year 2000. The next time it happens won’t be until 2049! Spoookyyyyyy.

Fun fact: Friggatriskaidekaphobia is the scientific name for those with a phobia of Friday the 13th. Do you know anyone who suffers from this phobia?? Also, if it makes you feel any better, we’re only going to experience ONE Friday the 13th this year, so that’s cool.

friday the 13th

Anyways, here I am, wishing you a VERY happy and successful Friday, whether you’re superstitious or not! I’m also here for another round of Friday Favorites from this week. Quite a few videos to show you as there were some real gems floating around the world wide web, plus with the excitement of the World Cup starting up yesterday, I had to include one of the amazing commercials created for this major global event. And if you did happen to watch the game yesterday, then you saw the own goal, the horrible call and the lack of urgency throughout the Brazilian team. What a way to start! Oscar was definitely the stand out for the Brazillian team (and my dad agreed through our texts yesterday), though Neymar did score two goals. It’s not all about the goal scorers, though!

Friday Favorites

Favorite Commercial: Nike’s “Risk Everything” Commercial. Five minutes of pure awesome.

Favorite Inspiration: Jim Carey hit the nail on the head with his commencement address to Maharishi University of Management’s class of 2014 in Fairfield, Iowa. This video is one minute long and well worth your time. I think it’s a healthy and helpful reminder to live in the present, be “here” and never hesitate to dream big. If you have the time, please listen to his words and turn them into your own actions!

Favorite Song: This is a song by the two sisters who play Maddie & Daphne in ABC’s Nashville tv series…they’re amazing!

Favorite Feeling: Falling asleep to or waking up to the rain. So peaceful.


Favorite Appetizer: This layered mediterranean dip looks so fresh and simple…perfect for a summertime app!

Favorite Buzzfeed: “Wedding favors your guests will actually want” – these are some great ideas! And a lot of DIY options!

Favorite Tip: When in doubt, focus on these 12 tips to stay inspired, motivated and healthy throughout your day. I especially like the 50/10 rule.

12 tips

A quick training update

This week’s 1/2 marathon training went well! After a slower, lower mileage week last week, I was ready to bump it up a notch this Monday.

Monday I completed 4 fast miles and stretched; Wednesday consisted of 4 miles with 1 full mile (mile 3) of hills, Thursday 3 miles and today, I’m doing some upper body strength training and yoga. I can’t wait to stretch it out! Tomorrow, Frank and I will tackle 9 miles. Now that we’re in the second half of training, I’m really excited and feeling good about the progress I’ve made. Gotta keep training on those hills and keep the pace going.

Alright, let’s conquer this Friday together! Have a great one and enjoy your weekend!


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