Zucchini Pasta

Last week I had a craving for pasta and while I usually use spaghetti squash when this happens, I was feeling creative and wanted to try something new. Though I don’t have a Spiralizer (and hope to get one soon!), I bought 3 large zucchini’s and figured I’d use what I have on hand!

Enter, the cheese slicer. Not the grater, but the slicer, which worked out quite well!

Zucchini Pasta

3 large zucchini’s, rinsed with the ends chopped off

1 cheese slicer



1. Use the cheese slicer and slice down the zucchini from top to bottom on one side.


2. For the second slice, move off-center to the right from where you just peeled. Place the slicer so that the noodle is thinner than the full width of the zucchini and slice down.

3. For the third slice, move off-center to the left and repeat.

4. Continue to alternate sides until you can no longer peel the zucchini comfortably.

5. You can use a knife to cut the rest into thin strips; this allows you to make the most of the vegetable and not waste anything.

6. Once you’ve completed slicing all three zucchini’s, you’re all set to add flavor!



**To cook: Heat two tablespoons of olive oil and one freshly minced clove of garlic. Add the zucchini and sauté until the “noodles” start to get heated through and coated with the oil and garlic. Add the sauce of your choice, stir until well combined, and cover for 10 minutes on low heat. Let the zucchini absorb the sauce while still maintaining their el dente texture (just like regular pasta!). Then they’re ready to enjoy!

***As you can see this is a very “free-style” sort of cooking, so don’t worry if the “noodles” are a variety of sizes!


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