Beso’s {Restaurant Review}

After an amazing and fun long weekend, it’s safe to say that it has been a little difficult getting back into the swing of things! It was a weekend full of delicious (and indulgent) food, lots of beverages, tons of laughs, and great times all around…oh and an amazing firework show! I hope you enjoyed your long weekend festivities wherever you were in the country!

IMG_7624 IMG_7616

Our weekend started off with fun wedding to-do’s on Thursday morning/afternoon. We ended up in East Greenwhich, RI, a quaint little town that my RI fam often says reminds them of my hometown of Oakville! East Greenwhich has a long stretch of cute shops, coffee houses and restaurants galore. Frank’s mom had heard of a place called Beso’s on a corner street which looked like an antique house with a wrap around porch on the outside.

We had plans to grab lunch there, just the three of us ladies (my mom, Colleen and I), and it was such a great spot! The outdoor porch had seating outside both which looked so cute and chic. They also had a little outdoor space for live bands to play; one band was setting up as we got there! Though we would have opted for a seat outside, it was way too hot so we opted for an indoor table.

The moment we walked inside we were greeted by a beautiful and very modern looking decor. There were birk tree pillars, antique looking mirrors along the walls, beautiful paintings and mostly black and white color pallets throughout. There was a large seating area to the left, a nice bar right in the middle and then another dining area to the right. They also had a beautiful barn looking door that was made of wood with a flower reef which, if closed, blocked off a private dining area for parties etc. If you’re ever in the area, this is a great spot for ladies lunch or a girl’s night out!

Since we made it in before 4pm, we were lucky enough to choose from their fresh lunch menu which was very reasonably priced. But first, the drinks…we ordered a white sangria pitcher to share which was huge with tons of fruit. A refreshing start to our lunch.


Then we each ordered a salad with protein. We were very impressed by the variety of salads ranging from garden and caesar salads to mediterranean, chopped or roasted beet! Each of us ordered one of the last three; mom a chopped salad with a piece of grilled steak (and yes, you know I ate half of her steak), Colleen had the mediterranean with grilled chicken and I got the roasted beet salad that was topped with a perfectly cooked piece of salmon.

IMG_7472 IMG_7473 IMG_7471

All in all, this was a great restaurant experience and I can’t wait to go back. The menu was perfect for a light lunch and the variety was a perfect combination of a few different cuisines (including mexican tacos and asian inspired tuna!). Not only were the portions sizes just the right size, but their menu featured local and fresh ingredients; light and healthy wins the race!

It was also a great way to start off our July 4th long weekend, rain or shine!


As our 10-week training program comes to an end, I’m ready to run the Jamestown Half on Saturday morning! We managed to squeeze in two runs which made up our last 8 miles this weekend and I got in a steady 4.5 miles when I got home from work yesterday. It was humid and hot, but I’m hoping (and praying) we’ll have a cool morning on Saturday. Do what you can when you can! Some lighter jogs and last minute stretching and foam rolling will be key for the remainder of this week. Can’t believe how quickly 10 weeks flew by but I’m excited and admittedly, somewhat nervous for the intimidating hills of Jamestown, RI. The countdown begins! Four more sleeps!

Have a great Tuesday!


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