Friday Favorites

Favorite Read: Another reason why the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is powerful and important.

Favorite Video: With back to school around the corner, this video is quite appropriate, hilarious and creative. If you haven’t seen this family’s collection of awesome music videos (which have gone viral), you need to check these out!

Favorite Running Motivation Finds: 







Favorite Salad: This power salad is right up my alley! If you know me and have been reading this blog, you know I’m all about the power bowls.



Favorite Colors: I stumbled upon this Travel + Leisure photo and was drawn to the bright colors! Then I went to the link and it’s a great article on some of the best Farmer’s Markets in the country! Though a little outdated, it made me realize that I need to check out our local farmer’s market. It may be small, but I’m sure it’s full of fresh flavors that are perfect for a Kaylen’s Kitchen treat.

farmer's market

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!


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