Smoked Salmon Breakfast Omelet

Hello! It’s been a while and I’ve missed you all!

I was in training all last week and my evenings were filled with studying and homework so it was difficult for me to get to the blog!

With a busy and fun labor day weekend, it’s back to the grind! Though I won’t be checking in every day, I wanted to say hi before the new school year gets well underway. My official last first day of classes is today! What better way to welcome a new academic year, than with a delicious, filling, and healthy breakfast! Since long study/work/class days are ahead of me, I want to stay focused on fueling my body with foods that will keep me fuller longer and this recipe does the trick!

Here is a delicious breakfast recipe that’s full of protein and creamy whipped cream cheese…can you say YUM?!

Smoked Salmon Omelet

This recipe makes enough for two people

6 eggs (4 whole, 2 egg whites)

1.5 oz. smoked salmon, chopped into chunks

4 tbsp. whipped chive cream cheese *Whipped cream cheese is a little lighter and healthier than regular cream cheese, and the chives offer some great flavor. If you can’t find cream cheese with chives, buy the chives and add them!

Slices of tomatoes

Slices of cucumber

Salt and pepper to taste


1. Crack the eggs and whip them up in a bowl. Add some water and whip again. The water will help make the eggs nice and fluffy!

2. In a greased, medium hot pan, pour in the eggs and cover.

3. Let the eggs cook through without even flipping them and turn the heat down to medium *Covering the eggs will allow the steam to cook the top of the eggs as well, this is a trick my brother taught me, and it works perfectly every time! *Just make sure to turn the heat to medium once you’ve poured the eggs in so they don’t burn on the bottom, which also gives the top time to cook

4. Once the top is cooked, carefully smooth the cream cheese on one half of the eggs

5. Then add the smoked salmon strips on the same half

6. Fold over the other half so you have a half moon sandwich

7. Slice in half and serve alongside the slices of tomatoes and cucumbers

8. Enjoy!

Smoked salmon omelet



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