Go Fish {Mystic, CT Restaurant Review}

On the Sunday night of Labor Day weekend, Frank and I went on a date night to bid farewell to summer and welcome the new school year ahead.

We wanted to check out a new restaurant and we decided on Go Fish, a seafood restaurant specializing in fresh seafood and sushi in Mystic, Connecticut. This place was right up our alley and the moment we walked through the front doors, we knew we were in for a treat!

Go Fish is located right in the middle of Mystic Village which is the home of Mystic Aquarium!

The restaurant is quite large and has a number of dining room areas. It had a nice ambiance with music and dimmed lighting; romance was in the air!

gofish4 gofish3 photo 4

After ordering a glass of Pinot Grigio while Frank opted for a beer, we had our eyes on their “Tokyo Nachos” which had a cool twist on the American classic. Six perfectly presented nachos were topped with delicious raw tuna, a wasabi sauce and a few other vegetables and spices including green onion and soy sauce.

photo 2 photo 3

We also ordered a sushi roll which was a california roll topped with unagi (eel – Frank’s favorite!).

photo 1

For our entree’s, I ordered the roasted salmon with a beet relish and horseradish sauce. On the side I received the simplest, most perfectly cooked roasted potatoes and green beans. I was raving about the simplicity of my sides that paired so perfectly with the complexity of my main dish, yum!

photo 5

Frank ordered the seared tuna on top of a bed of edamame and wheat berry salad and DELICIOUS tempura string beans. I thought the salad was such a smart idea and I definitely want to try and re-make it at home. The salad came with a miso dressing and I couldn’t help but steal a few bites.


All-in-all, we left feeling satisfied and full. A perfect way to wrap up the Summer of 2014!


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