Egg White Oats

Hello! Good morning! I’m back!

Lots has been happening in the world of Kaylen lately, and it’s taken me away from blogging for a bit longer than expected. By “lots” I mean only good things including lots of school work, school accomplishments and mini travel weekends (Cape Cod and Canada within two weeks of each other)! So here I am and I’m back…I do hope to continue blogging around 3 times a week, so I hope to see you around and appreciate your patience the last few months as I’ve blogged on an inconsistent and sparse basis.

Alright, here’s a warm breakfast recipe for you to start your hump-day morning!

I’ve been wanting to try egg white oats for a while now as some of my favorite bloggers introduced me to its fluffy goodness! It doesn’t seem like it’ll make much of a difference but the added protein and fluffiness to my morning oatmeal was so good!

If you’re looking to try a simple ‘something new’ during your morning routine, I suggest trying this recipe. Now that the morning’s are getting chillier, warm breakfasts are exactly what you’ll need!

Egg White Oats (for 2)


1 cup, whole wheat oats

2 cups, water

2 egg whites

2 tbsp. shredded unsweetened coconut

2 tsp. cinnamon

1 tbsp. brown sugar

Dash of unsweetened almond milk

Optional toppings: Almond butter and a spoonful of honey


1. In a sauce pan, combine the oats and water and turn the heat to high. Bring to a boil and stir until all of the water has absorbed into the oats. This should take just a few minutes (**Be sure to watch and stir or it will stick/burn to the bottom of the pan!)

2. Add the whites and stir constantly until the eggs cook through and mix in with the oatmeal mixture. About two minutes.

3. Add the coconut, cinnamon and brown sugar.

4. Remove from heat and add a dash of almond milk to loosen up the oatmeal (it could get “gooey” so that’s why I like to add some sort of liquid. You can feel free to use soy or regular milk, too!)

5. Divide the oatmeal into two bowls and add your optional toppings before digging in!

photo 2 photo 3

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