Friday Favorites

And we’re back! Happy Friday y’all! Another round-up of my favorites this week. Lots of food favorites today!

Favorite Workout:  One of my best friend’s Cara and her friend Ashley have started a new video series highlighting not only healthy living and workouts but also how to live a passionate, happy, and fulfilled life. If you’re looking for some motivation in terms of your own health, wellness, career, and lifestyle, you MUST check out their videos. This one in particular highlights an awesome workout that looks tough but awesome. A great way to kick off your weekend!

Favorite Fact: Remember the other day when I posted about lemon water? Well, I just read an awesome post from one of my favorite blogs “The Lean Green Bean” all about water and how it affects your overall mood and mental performance. Moral of the story, drink more water, people!


Favorite Healthy Snack: This week I picked up some greek yogurt during our shopping trip for the first time in a looooong time. Since Frank is borderline lactose-intolerant, we’ve cut out lots of dairy from our diet (we drink unsweetened almond milk regularly and rarely buy yogurt or ice cream–UGH, I know, how can one give up ice cream?! I still love cheese though, so we will never part ways with all the cheese). Well, this week I was craving the creamy goodness that greek yogurt has to offer and I couldn’t resist picking up a few for my weekly snacks. I’ve been adding a handful of almonds to my yogurt and it provides the PERFECT crunch. I find store-bought granola can be pretty sweet, so this little treat adds some additional protein, texture, and deliciousness.

photo 2

Favorite Not-So-Healthy Snack: Last weekend, Frank and I found ourselves in Pawtuxet Village, a section of Warwick and Cranston cities in Rhode Island. We were invited to a Scottish dinner and dance by one of his awesome clients, John, and on the way we stopped at a local restaurant and bar called Revolution to grab a quick drink and snack. I wouldn’t say that the restaurant environment was fantastic as it seems like it needs a good makeover, but we ordered a sweet and salty treat on the menu that made my taste buds sing! Bourbon & Bacon…popcorn. It was a great combination of two flavors that were meant for each other, and I really enjoyed every last bite!

photo 1

Favorite Meal: This week has been crazy between getting all of the things I need to get done for school, teaching, car repairs, and future planning. Since Frank has been extremely busy between work, school, and countless hours of driving every day, I thought a nice seafood dinner with music and candlelight was just what the doctor ordered. It was a nice reminder that even throughout a hectic week, it’s so important and refreshing to take the time to sit back, relax, and enjoy a meal together.

Favorite Breakfast Craving: I made sure not to have this every morning this week (so I don’t ruin it for myself!), but I find myself constantly craving anything topped with bananas and cinnamon. This week, Kashi GO Lean cereal with sliced bananas, cinnamon, and unsweetened almond milk has done the trick. noms.

photo 4

Have a great weekend!

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