21-15-9 {40 Minute Workout+Ab Burnout}

Even if it’s just 40 minutes, getting in a weekly workout is important. Not only does it give you more energy, but you’ll sleep sounder and feel better about conquering your work week.

All you’ll need for this workout is a set of dumbbells (mine are 10 lbs. each) and a yoga mat.


  • Jog around the block or in place for 5 minutes
  • 8 minute dynamic warm-up (walking lunge, walking quad stretch, inchworms, lateral walking lunge, skips, high knees, butt kicks)

21-15-9 Circuit

Complete 21 reps of each exercise plus a 1-minute wall sit before moving onto the next.

Then, complete 15 reps of each plus a 1-minute wall sit…then 9 reps and a 1-minute wall sit.

  • Squats with press (Hold one dumbbell in each hand and press above your head as you rise up from the squat)
  • Tricep with one 10 lb. dumbbell
  • Lunge with body weight (alternating legs)
  • Rows
  • Back lunge with body weight (back leg should be elevated slightly–I used the stairs)

Ab burnout

Complete a variety of ab exercises for 3 minutes straight (30-second each) and finish with a 1-minute plank.

Happy Hump Day! Have a great one 🙂

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