Thank you for stopping by Kaylen’s Kitchen!

As I document recipes developed on my own and inspired by others, I hope you feel motivated to try new foods and enjoy your time in the kitchen. My cooking inspiration started when I was young; my mom is the best cook I know and she taught me to chop, stir and saute! My childhood memories of us in the kitchen were only the beginning of what would be a passion of mine, and I’m so thankful for those moments. Whenever I visit home, we always make time to cook together, enjoy a glass of wine and talk about anything and everything (and I do admit, it’s always nice to sit back and enjoy mama’s home cooking!!!).

Today, as I balance my busy schedule, I have learned to embrace the importance of meal planning while also allowing myself time to enjoy cooking in the kitchen; it is after all, my happy place. I have been reading healthy living blogs for years and have continuously told myself that I should start my own blog as a reflection of my love for cooking. Well, today I’ve finally put those words and thoughts into action! The inspiration came not only from my passion for food, but also a curiosity to try new recipes, a focus on maintaining a healthy balance (while indulging every once in a while, too!) and a motivation to write about what I love and help others to do the same!

So, welcome to Kaylen’s Kitchen! Feel free to explore and try my recipes, leave comments and ask questions. I’m so excited to have you here.




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