Friday Favorites: Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween everyone! In honor of this spooky holiday, today’s Friday Favorites are all about Halloween tricks and treats. Enjoy and have a great Friday! Favorite Snack: These little pumpkin pretzel snacks look delicious and perfectly “snack-able” for the evening. Favorite Pumpkin: I am in complete awe of the people who can paint, carve, create […]

Friday Favorites

It’s time for another round of Friday Favorites and a 1/2 marathon training update! This week just flew by and I’m ready for a fun and productive Memorial Day weekend. For those of you traveling this weekend, please drive/fly/ferry/walk (?) safe and enjoy your time wherever you go! Cheers to a fun holiday and the unofficial […]

Friday Favorites {Restaurant Reviews + a Recipe} & Exciting News!

Good morning and happy Friday everyone! Can’t help but smile because it’s Friday and because I have some exciting news to tell you. This week has been a wonderful week and last weekend was one of the best weekend’s of my life. I’ve told you some (Boston Marathon recap and Easter Sunday recipes), but today I […]

Weekend Recap & Fish Tacos

Happy Monday! Monday’s over here tend to be dreaded or welcomed depending on a number of different factors: the weather, amount of sleep had over the weekend, things on the to-do list or what’s to look forward to…well it’s a beautiful morning, I’m feeling well rested, we conquered a 4 mile run before 7am this morning, […]

Friday Favorites & Weekly Workouts

Good morning and happy Friday! I’m feeling happy, productive and ready to enjoy a weekend full of relaxation, spring cleaning (woohoo!), lots of sunshine and maybe even a bike ride. Hallelujah! This will be my motto for the weekend and I hope you do the same! Well, since today is my very first Friday post, I wanted […]