Daily Eats #3 {+ a recipe}

Good morning! A bright and early one for me as Frank was out the door by 5:20am and I couldn’t sleep! I try and take advantage of the days I don’t need my alarm–they’re a dime a dozen! Here’s another rundown of my daily eats from yesterday: Breakfast The obsession continues. Scrambled eggs, with spinach this […]

Day in the Life #2 {Yesterday’s Eats+Workout}

Today is a great day. For two reasons: 1) I proctor my last exam of the semester and 2) I hand in all of my final assignments. I guess we could bundle them into one reason as they’re both school related, but honestly, it’s the most satisfying feeling in the world! My third semester is […]

A day in the life {EATS}

As you know, I have a strong love for food. This means that I love every meal of the day…breakfast, lunch, dinner, even snack time! I honestly can’t decide which meal is my favorite…can you? Perhaps it’s a tie between breakfast and dinner…but I love my fresh salads in the middle of the day! I […]