Baked Cod

Good morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend and are ready for another productive week ahead. Remember last Friday’s Favorites when I mentioned our relaxing seafood dinner on Wednesday night? Well, today I’m here to give you the recipe! This baked cod is sure to impress anyone you cook it for; pair it with a nice glass […]

Seared Ahi Tuna

Japanese food has always been a staple in my life and it was definitely the first cuisine I was introduced to when I was a little girl. My mom made the most delicious Japanese meals when my brothers and I were growing up, and I love that Frank has embraced Japanese cuisine and loves it just as much […]

Weekend Recap & Fish Tacos

Happy Monday! Monday’s over here tend to be dreaded or welcomed depending on a number of different factors: the weather, amount of sleep had over the weekend, things on the to-do list or what’s to look forward to…well it’s a beautiful morning, I’m feeling well rested, we conquered a 4 mile run before 7am this morning, […]