I’m back! {+ A healthy comfort food recipe}

Good morning friends! How have you been?! Now that life after grad school has settled and I’m working full time, I’ve finally decided that it’s time to get back to the blogosphere! I’ve really missed writing and posting recipes, and I hope it’s okay that I took a little break away from Kaylen’s Kitchen. Have no fear […]

Tuna Salad Power Bowl

Good morning and Happy Monday! We’re rolling right through January, especially now that Red Carpet season has begun and the Golden Globes have taken over NBC Today! We watched most of the Globes last night and I had a good laugh during Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s introductory speech. Did you watch? Well, as another week is […]

Leftover Pizza Ingredients=Next Morning’s Breakfast

After Friday night’s dinner, we had plenty of ingredients left over. As you know, I love breakfast. So, combining our leftovers with a fluffy omelet seemed like the perfect thing to do! Margherita Omelet Ingredients *This omelet serves one, but the photos show that I made two separate omelets. One for Frank, one for me! […]

Healthy Fix #1

Adding extra flavor to your morning oatmeal not only contributes nutritional value, but also adds some much needed texture! I love sprinkling chopped almonds over a hot bowl of oatmeal for an extra crunch or a nice burst of flavor from fresh blueberries. You can also throw on some healthy fats such as shredded, unsweetened coconut or add chia […]

Roasting Vegetables

On many occasions, I’ll choose one specific vegetable to feature with a protein for dinner. I love asparagus or zucchini, broccoli or spinach. They’re all delicious, fresh, nutrient filled vegetables that are easily paired with your favorite meat or seafood. While this is my ‘usual’ go-to side, I also love to combine vegetables so we […]

Healthy Comfort Food

One of my favorite comfort foods is without a doubt, pasta. Add some perfectly cooked penne noodles to a thick meaty sauce or a creamy pink vodka sauce, cover it with cheese…bada-bing bada-boom! It sounds amazing and will definitely taste amazing too. Now I’m hungry… Well, though it’s delicious and comforting during those first few bites, this type […]