Friday Favorites: Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween everyone! In honor of this spooky holiday, today’s Friday Favorites are all about Halloween tricks and treats. Enjoy and have a great Friday! Favorite Snack: These little pumpkin pretzel snacks look delicious and perfectly “snack-able” for the evening. Favorite Pumpkin: I am in complete awe of the people who can paint, carve, create […]

Quick & Easy Camping Chili

Hello, friends! We’ve made it to Thursday and we finally awoke to some sunshine this morning. I’d say that’s a pretty good start to our day considering the cold, grey, rainy skies we’ve had all week. As you know, we’re off camping this weekend in Saratoga Springs (woohoo!). Last night I did some groceries and […]

Day in the Life #2 {Yesterday’s Eats+Workout}

Today is a great day. For two reasons: 1) I proctor my last exam of the semester and 2) I hand in all of my final assignments. I guess we could bundle them into one reason as they’re both school related, but honestly, it’s the most satisfying feeling in the world! My third semester is […]

Water Intake & WIAW {What I Ate Wednesday}

Daily water intake I am guilty of not drinking enough water throughout the day. It’s so important to stay hydrated especially when you’re juggling a number of tasks, projects, meetings, workouts etc. Since Frank is a personal trainer, he’s on his feet the entire day and he has been really good at keeping a water […]

A day in the life {EATS}

As you know, I have a strong love for food. This means that I love every meal of the day…breakfast, lunch, dinner, even snack time! I honestly can’t decide which meal is my favorite…can you? Perhaps it’s a tie between breakfast and dinner…but I love my fresh salads in the middle of the day! I […]